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Monday, January 21, 2019
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The Ten Commandments





 While we all know the Ten  Commandments were given, by God to  Moses, in the 20th Chapter of Exodus, it  might be surprising for some to find that  all had previously been a part of the Law  of God, written on hearts instead of  stone.  All ten appear, in one way or  another, in the book of Genesis:


1. Genesis 25: 21 ~ "Get rid of the  foreign gods."


2. Genesis  31: 39 ~ "But why did you  steal my gods?"  {Laban to Jacob}


3. Genesis 24: 3 "I want you to swear by  the Lord."


4. Genesis 23,    "God blessed  the seventh day, and made it holy."

5. Genesis 27: 41, "The days of mourning  my father are near."  - -  {Esau  who  hated his brother Jacob and was  waiting until his father died and he  would then kill his brother.}


6. Genesis 4: 9, "Where  is your brother

    Abe?" {The Lord speaking to Cain after  he had killed his brother.} 


7. Genesis 39: 9 - 12 ~ Joseph running  away from another man wife.


8. Genesis 44:  4-7 ~ "Why have you  stolen my silver cup?"  {servants had  stolen the cup.}


9. Genesis  39: 17  {Joseph} came to me  to make sport of me ....but he ran . . . "


10. Genesis 12: 18- 20  ~ Joseph could  have been as good as dead for lying to  the Pharaoh about his wife Sara being  his sister instead of his wife.




 Many might also be surprised to note  that all of the Ten Commandments are  reaffirmed in the New Testament, with  the exception of one. {Romans 13: 8-10,  Ephesians 6: 1-2, James 5: 12 and 1  John 5: 21.}


 The one exception is the  4th commandment, “Remember the  Sabbath day, to keep it holy.”


 While it is apparent the 7th day of  creation {Genesis 2: 2-3, Exodus 20: 11}  is the basis for the Sabbath and was  observed earlier by Israel {Exodus 16:  23-25}, the account in Exodus 20 was  the first time that God gave a command  that it should be observed.


 This commandment was to Israel only, a  sign between God and Israel  {Exodus  31: 13, 16-17},  Ezekiel 20: 12, 20}.  The  Sabbath is now in abeyance {Hosea 2:  11}  but will be restored {Ezekiel 44:  24,  Isaiah 66:  23}.  This restoration period  will be during the Tribulation Period  {Isaiah 66 and Revelation 12} when  Israel returns to the Lord {Romans 11:  25 - 26}.


This is the reason the 4th Commandment  is not reaffirmed in the New Testament.  The command to keep the  Sabbath  {Saturday} was not for the  Gentiles or  the Church {1 Corinthians  10:  32}.  


 The Church, rightfully, worships on the  1st day of the week, or Sunday  {Acts 20:  7},  in commemoration of the  resurrection of our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ {Matthew 28: 1,  Mark 16:  2, Luke 24:  1 and John 20:  1}


 Al Russ

 September 25, 1999